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I love it you did a good thing



Needs sound.


Please take ads of this game


They need to give more time

Good job

Good job making this game


This game is bad your bad game horrible graphics bad bad bad

Glitchy and full of ads

Glitchy and full of ads


This is a really great game but there’s ads like every 5 seconds and inturupts the game but otherwise it’s a good game.


The challenges where very fun and put some spice into it by far one of the best mobile games

Goodbye other games

I don’t need other games when I have the best game in history so so so so so so so Times a million but this is what my cousin thinks of it🤬and🤯

Get rid of the so MANY ADDS


Too laggy

Every time I try to play thing game it always lags so much


You fell really glad when you get the fire ball

The best

Your the best at making games and make more game and a will buy them

Too many ads

This game is a really nice game and can be addictive. It does lag a bit sometimes, but over all I like it. The reason I gave it a 2 is bc of the ads. The ads are so annoying that I’m just thinking about deleting the game all together. They last for a very long time, they try to get you to download other games. All I want to do is play this dunk game w no interruptions.


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It’s a really good, addicting app but I hate all the adds. I know there is an in app purchase where you can get no adds, but come on. After every round there is a angry birds add and it is driving me crazy. Please fix it.

My review

You guys made the best game on earth!!!!!!!!!!

Enough Ads?!

Spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game.

Fix this

It’s literally the only game I play, it’s so addicting but the second chance doesn’t work anymore, I watch 30 seconds of an ad I don’t care about just to be sent right back to the menu. Please fix this.


Star 1: Controls The controls are simple but great. There’s no lag, and every tap you make counts. Star 2: Unlockables The different basketballs are great and all have reasonable challenges to get them. Star 3:Gameplay The gameplay is addictive! I constantly find myself saying: “One more try!” Star 4: Graphics These graphics are very smooth! The basketball actually looks like a basketball! The only drawback is ads. This game is clogged with them. Every time I start a game, I get an ad. I get it, ad revenue counts, but don’t give me an ad for every tap I make. Thanks for reading!

Pretty good

It is pretty good game


It’s fun


A lot of adds


This game is really awesome... this is a 8.5 out of 10


Too many adds

Dunk hit

I is horrible

So many ads

It’s fun but every time I die there is an ad every time I change my ball there’s an ad. There’s just too many


Great game for anybody even my mom likes it 😎

Dunk hit

VERY VERY VERY laggy also plays add in the middle of the game

This game is so much better

I love this game

Dunk hit

Game is really really hard trying to beat the high score trying to beat my other brothers high score is 176

Trash fix it to make it not lagg

It keeps lagging on my phone


يجب عليكم ان تجعلوا اللعبه مجرد لعبه و ليست لعبه لعبه عليها ان تكون لعبه فقط لعبه و مجرد لعبه ليس اقل و ليس اكثر من مجرد لعبه للعب بها عند وقت الفراغ و حطوا منبه لكي نذاكر و لا نسحب على المذاكر بسبب اللعبه 😁♥️

Love this game

I love this game it’s so amazing!!!!!!!!😁😁🙂🙂



Great game

I’m curious where you can go to see other’s high scores... mine is 2,785

Was upppp

Very cool and addicting

So fun but to many adds

It is so filing and it loads so quickly the only problem is that there is a add after time you die

Too many ads

I like it but I hate it because it has so many ads I don’t want to pay three dollars just to have no ads every time I die there’s an ad it’s so annoying

Awesome But there is something missing...

This is an awesome game, it’s so addicting and it’s family friendly but there is no audio...I can’t hear the game when I’m playing on my iPad mini. Please fix it.

Awesome but.....

I love this game but every time I end a game there’s always an ad that comes up and every time I try to restart my game another ad shows up🙄 I’m not trying to make the game sound bad, I love this game with all the different skins you can get and all of the cool challenges you can do. I’m just saying that it would be A LOT better without all of those ads. I hope that you take this into consideration😁

Fun game but some downsides

The game itself is fun but the game can be slow at points and if you want "second chance" you have to watch an ad and if you don't you have to watch an ad fix that please


Es el juego más adictivo , me lo podría pasar jugando todo el día !

Zachary Hickman

It's fun Basketball game.

Good. But what?

What's the point of not clicking second chance if u get an ad anyways? About 3/4 of the time I get an ad every game and it totally slows down the experience. It would have been 5 if u fixed this issue. I spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game

Dunk Hit

it gives you ads wen you lose,it lags a lot

I love The game

Is the Best game I ever played


This game is very Gucci, even bough I’m not that good at it I still love it. Although I do very much dislike the adds... But other then that this game s 10/10

No ads

YES I have purchased the “no ads “ program, yet to my surprise, I am still getting them. What a waste of $3.00. Never purchase this from Voodoo, it doesn’t take the ads away. And for what it’s worth, I want a refund, just to help alleviate a claim of false advertising.

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