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It’s nice

Fun app

Dunk hit review

Fun game

To many adds

The game is great but the adds omg the adds an add after every game and then we have to pay 2.99 for no adds no thanks bro

Dunk hit

This game is the best!!!!

Still get Ads after purchase

i still get ads after my purchase


Too many ads


This thing is litt

Too many ads but gameplay is fun

The title pretty much says it all.


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This was so fun but I cannot beat 224 but it’s definitely something to do 😋

Best game ever

This is the best game ever I can’t stop playing I wake up at 3am to play it I delete all my game because this one was the best

sound effect

the app need ball sound

I love it!

It’s so awesome, they should make more basketball games. You should make more basketball games. Keep it up.

It’s fun

It’s really cool


Too much ad. After every game you must watch ad.

Please add Music

Music would be more interesting to have during the game please.

Too many ads

It’s a great game but there are too many ads

No Sound

Where’s the sound🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Love it

Love it

I don’t like it

Too many ads!!! I hate it!!!

To many add

To many adds

Do a better job

Put some a online play that’s it


Trash CUH!!!

Cool game

The game is cool

Love it🅿️🤞🏼

I love it I got a 208..I LOVE it 😍👅💍


Dunk too hard

Too many ads

The game itself is really cool but everything you touch we all know it there’s gonna be a ad

No ads option does not work! Don’t waste your money

I purchased the no ads in-app option and it worked for about 3-4 games, then the game went back to have all the anoying ads popping up after each game. A total ripoff. They stole my money and I don’t know how to submit a claim.

This is a good game, but why the rating?

It is a great game, but nudity, horror themes, and tobacco use? That is not in the game at all. Great game though.

Ok game

To much adds

It is awesome

Fun game basketball


It’s good but I was trying to get the 117 ball so I had a streak going so I died At 112 purposely then it said watch ad to continue so I clicked the add it started me over 😑


Nice game I like it i rage a bit though


Its good



Super Fun

Game is very fun, and there are challenges and new skins that keep you entertained. All kids will like this. There are just many adds which make the game less enjoyable. But still a fun game


Too many add



Its good

It’s really easy for me




Fix glitches

Skin ideas??

I think you should add a little more skins. Here’s some ideas: A Rock, Bread Roll, Plastic Cup, A Bucket, Crumpled-Up Paper, and maybe a Leaf.

Dunk Hit

Great game!


Hate the ads every 2 seconds

Too many ads


Dunk hit

It’s so addictive

Dunk it

I like this game and it’s so much fun and I wanna play it all day long and I can not even do anything like it


اللعبة خايسة

I love it

It take me play for 2 week I love this game and never stop -Voodoo is awesome

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