Dunk Hit App Reviews

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Fun game. Simple concept. But wow. Why so many ads? Uninstalled after 3 games and 9 ads.


The game is very addictive and fun but there is a slight but annoying issue, when customizing your ball it tends to not let you go back to the main menu also in game when u start it lags a lot

Very good but two problems

It is a very good game but there is two problems.1 problem is the adds, adds are good they give the developer(s) money by getting people to install apps, but just I request of you developers tone down the adds like 1 ad every 5 try’s. 2nd problem is the lag please do bug fixes on all versions of phone and IPad and every platform this game is on. Thanks

Something is wrong

I don’t know if it’s a issue on how you guys updated it but now every time I click on the app it just says Voodoo and never logs me into the game hope it can be fixed soon BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOOO MUCH

Fun but

Its so fun this game is addicting

Great game buuuuuut

Awesome game I really like it only problem I have is lagging!!! I’ll be on a good run and then it ruins it by all the lag it gets! I have iPhone 6S Plus. It’s a simple game I feel like it shouldn’t be to hard to keep it from lagging.. and to many ads!!!

Cool app but too much bugs

I think its a great game and very adictive, but after 1 week of playing the game crashed and doesn’t open anymore

Please fix

So when I try to start the game I get the loading screen so I wait and wait and nothing happens please fix this issue because this game looks fun.

Great game, won’t load

This game is great and I would rate five stars, but suddenly, I cannot get the past the initial opening screen. Please fix!


As I search apps in the App Store, I saw, Bouncy Hoops, that’s just like this game. I PLAYED both games and honestly Bouncy Hoops is better. TRASH!

Just one thing

I love this game but there’s just two things: 1. TOO. MANY. ADS.2. I hate it when the ball goes over the top of the goal. Other than that, I love this game and the skins are really cute and I really like the hamburger 🍔 skin and how sometimes the ball catches on fire 🔥 and burns the goal🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

Ads and lag

After every.single.game there is an ad, and every time you go into a game initially, it lags bad

No sound

No sound at all

This app is very good and it makes a really useful updates plus it is very fun

Download this app

Too many adds!!!

I understand having adds but a 30 second add after each game is really unreasonable


Game is so laggy because they overload it with ads. Download an Adblock or use airplane mode to avoid the lag.


The game itself is good, I would give the game 4/5 cause it's simple, elegant, and I like wasting my time on it. But seriously... I get an ad after every single restart. Every time I want to start over, whether it's a 10 streak or 100+ streak, I have to watch an ad. Cmon now there has to be another way devs can implement ads without scmazzing me. Probably uninstalling purely because of them. Also this is my first review on anything ever, just so you can understand the level of frustration I'm at right now.

Glitchy but Fun

This game is fun. It’s simple and very addicting and it’s pretty easy to win all of the skins without having to pay money. However, there have been some bugginess about the app. It could be that I am using a 5s still, but all of my other apps work fine. It’s slow and the frame rate becomes chunky. It tends to mess up the ball while I’m playing. Also, the App Store opens up to this app’s page for whatever reason. I close the App Store and go back into my game, but the store opens right back up. If these minor bugs could be addressed and fixed that would be great.

Option to Turn off vibrate

The game lags a little bit but there should be an option to turn off the vibration!!! Would be 5 stars if not for those 2 things

Sooooo many ads

Way to many adds awesome game but come on with the ads every time really? Stop take the ads away every 5 to 6 times I understand but back to back would play but the ads got to me sorry good game but not playing it any more uninstall. Voodoo you can do better I know you can.


The game lags constantly! Plus, I’m the best at it. Like for real, no one on this planet could beat me!

Don’t download

What a waste of time after ever game you have to watch a 30 seconds add and on top of that say your new and you make a mistake after your first “Dunk” well here you go another add .... so stupid #Delete


It’s a good game but it skips a lot and sometimes freezes my phone for a few seconds I wish Less ads and ran more smooth

Great, but now I’m paralyzed

This is a great game but I have played it so much trying to out score my friend, that I have been paralyzed from the waist down. Now, I am always on the toilet and my erections last for at least 9 hours


Glitches all the time

Really fun game, but...

It has a small lag issue. I like the game overall, very addictive and the gameplay is nice. But it seems to stutter and lag from time to time. I’m sure the app works better on iPhone 8 and up, but on my 7 it has some stutter issues. Considering how simplistic the game is, I do not feel as though this should be a thing. In addition, this is just an annoying gripe for me, but I really dislike it when the ball struggles to go in. Time and time again, it’s going in a chain and perfects are lining up, but then, without reason, the ball bounces around the rim. Sure, this is realism and all, but it messes with the flow too often. While tapping to bring it back up jus as it goes in, I end up sending it back out before it can go in. This causes a struggle with the ball and getting it to go back in as it rams against the rim does not help. This is an easy thing to get around in the early section below 200, because the timer goes slow enough to fix the mistake. On the other hand, once it is sped up, fixing it is impossible. I wish there was some fix to this because it has messed with high scores of mine time and time again. Overall, the game has a good difficulty, solid controls, nice visuals, and a simple premise. This creates a fun, addictive game that I simply cannot put down for more than a day.



My opinions

So much ads dude stop plz

So many adds but good

Omg there are like so many adds 😤

Advertisement Problem

Way too much advertisements after a game! When you start a game! Anytime, these advertisements make the game lag way too much specially when you are in your hundreds the ball lags! It gives you a little bit of time even when the ball tries to go fast, instead it lags!🙄

WAY too many Adds

There are 30 second adds for everything!!! More time spent watching adds then actually getting to play the game!

No Sound?

FUN game! But the volume isn’t working anymore. It has no sound...

Great but there’s a twist

The game is awesome and great at killing time but the battery usage is crazy! i can go through 10% in a few minutes and i have a 6s can u guys plz fix that?!?

Patch for the iPhone X made it worse

I really enjoy the game, and it’s good to pass time. When I played the game before the most recent update it utilized the whole iPhone X screen but with the new patch it is now small and confined. The developers should readjust this.


Don’t download ad frenzy

Needs sound!!

The game is fun but it needs some sort of sound. It gets too boring after a while with no music or sounds.


Decent game, but it very often lags for no reason at all and ruins your game



Soo Many Ads!!!

This game should be great but don't download this unless you are willing to pay the $2.99 for the ad free version. You will spend more time watching ads then playing the game!

Fun game, but

I like it, except I would probably buy if it offered sound



Way to many ads

It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong but every play your fail ad every time you start ad well that gives you something to think about


Definitely a great game. I’m really addicted on unlocking all the skins!!! Hope music can be added along with more interesting and fun skins. Keep up the great work :)


This game is very bad. The game doesn’t allow any other shots that dunks. Why can’t I shoot a three pointer. Why do I have to dunk. The game needs more work and development.

Would be great if not for all the ads

It’s a fun game to pass the time. Simple yet very addictive. The only problem is that you get an add literally after every turn which is very off putting. I can understand having an ad after every few turns, but the way it is bow, it isn’t worth it.


One reason to not play this game is that there are way to many ads. Every time you lose there is a ad. It is quite annoying.


I honestly play this game everyday it addicting


The leaderboards have been "coming soon" for quite a while I'm about to give up on this all for that sole purpose.

This Game would be better with sound!

Honestly, this game is great I din’t really have any cons about this game. But this game would be much better with sound. I think that it would get such higher ratings and would makr the game more interesting too. For example: The flash ball would have lightning sounds or whatever flash sounds like. Again, if this game had sound ut would definitely get a 5 star rating from me!


I love this game bc it’s fun it’s time consuming and it’s addictive and my real rating is 4 and a half stars

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