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It lags and is boring

challenge no.19 and 20

i tried tried tried to do it but it is impossible because sometion when i shoot the ball it enters the ring but you don't consider a point. please fix this issue in the next update!!!


Thanks for all .

It is fun

You tap and try to get it on the basket

How Much I Love Dunk Hit

This Is My All Time Favorite Game

Ads galore

I love the game but every time I run out of time an ad appears

I want a refund!!!!

After buying the app ads still kept popping up and very inappropriate ads at that!!!!

Really cool

The game is very fun and satisfying but the thing is that every time you lose an ad pops up

Dunk hit

Really good game

My review of dunk hit

I like dunk hit because it’s a great game to play with friends or family


no offense but this game is a lot like a game that i have called tappy shots. So pretty much whoever made this did it have an original idea just saying .

Too much ads

Makes me not want to play

This game is awesome

This game is so fun you’ll faint


Best game of basket ball u should get it!

Best game ever

When I’m board I like to play this game


This game is so addicting and fun


It’s not fair the ball gets to burn but I can’t

Dunk hit

This is a great game to play

Can’t stop

I love it I can’t stop playing

This is a great game

I think you should get it and I think you should have it because it is a fantastic game


This game is the best I have

Not good it's bad

I replaced it with zoo craft 'cause it was pretty boring


I would just like to point out that challenge 13 and 19 or NO.13 and NO.19 are written the same, but NO.19 has a moving basket and NO.13 does not.


Few glitches or lags but I recommend

No much adds

You need to take away some of these adds! IT IS ANNOYING!!😡😡

Bad game

Bad game Spent 100 dollars bc its bad

Chill out with them ads...

Way the heck too many ads. 15-25 seconds of playing for a 30 second ad in between literally everything you do. If the ads were maybe between every 4 or 5 games, I’d give it 4 stars.

Dunk hit

Cool game

Boy it’s OKAY

Ok Ok Ok


I love this game so much I’ve only had it for like 2 days and I already all the basketballs!!!! BEST GAME EVER


It took a while for me to get a few other balls but i got em and its so fun


They need to add more balls to this game. And more superhero balls


This game has no way it just gay

Super Fun Game but wayyyy too many ads

So basically I love this game but you guys really need to chill with the ads. You can’t even play this game for 1 minute without having 80 seconds of ads. Like calm down. I understand you can remove the ads for like 3 dollars but seriously, wasting money on games is pointless. So yeah too many ads but overall very fun!


This game is some amazing

This game is very fun download it

Fun game


Didn’t mean too buy the no ad purchase so if u guys see this I would like my 2.99 back...it kept lagging and bringing up the menu u for it and when I tried to just exit outta the game, it kept my currency. And when I hit second chance or watever, it still sends me to more ads! I thought I paid on accident for no more ads!!?? And what’s up with no sound...?


Where is my super sound

It is awesome

When I saw the add I now that it was going to be awesome

It’s not bad

There should be more cool ball

Chill out with the ads

Y’all sum scrubs

Dank memes

This game is the dankest if memes

This game is so good

I love this game so much I play it all the time when I’m board just play play play📱📲📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱

Ridiculous ads

The game is fun and all but the amount of ads is ridiculous. I’d gladly pay for a game I like but this one is made for you to get annoyed of the amount of ads and just pay up. Skip this one u til they limit the ads.


Great game

Basic Game

Tap tap tap hoop = fun 🏀


Needs WAY CRAZY NEW BALLS and audio I mean dang it’s fun but with out that nice smooth swish their is almost no point and ok balls that are special should have a like special noise for perfects beyond x2 like for cookie it could say mmmm or for ghost it goes ooooog in a “”spooky”” way

Glitchy fun annoying awesome game

Just finished this game including all skins and challenges. Regular gameplay was fairly easy but the challenges glitched all the time. It was almost done on purpose...took me a lot longer than necessary and I have a newer iPhone.


I keep getting new skins every time I get the power up mode

Like it

It is cool And it keeps track of tour high scores Also the game times you as a challenge

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